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Here are a few popular topics that Rachel speaks on:


Bitterness is defined as having anger and disappointment at being treated unfairly; resentment. A very real emotion, rooted in pain, because none of us like to be treated unfairly. When bitterness takes hold in our hearts, we tend to hold ourselves hostage in a constant state of brewing. It can cripple us from moving forward and achieving the purpose and plans God has for our lives. Learn how to cancel the debt and find freedom in Christ.

The "S" Word . . . Submission

The Bible says in Colossians 3:18, "Wives, be submissive to our own husband as unto the Lord." This verse is commonly misunderstood, ignored, or the cause for some push back among women. It's time we delve into this sensitive topic with a dose or reality, humor, and most importantly, truth. This practical message provides applicable understanding and steps to becoming wives that can honor Christ, our husband, and our family.


We so badly want to be liked, to fit in, and find the approval of others in life. Seeking after this desire, to belong and be accepted, can lead us to make decisions based on other people's opinions of what THEY think will be best for us. This message encourages us to find God's best! Overcoming the desire for people-pleasing will free us to live out God's purposes, to share our faith, and step out of the courtroom of human approval.


Our mouths give a window to that which is binding in our heart. The Bible says our tongue is a restless evil. We can intentionally cause great hurt with the words we say. Once our words are spoken, we can't take them back. While the tongue is impossible to tame in our own strength, the living power of the Holy Spirit inside of us can help us tame our most powerful weapons! There is hope and a practical plan we can implement each day as we turn over our word to the Holy Spirit.


Have you ever struggled with your sense of self worth, your physical appearance, or your perception of yourself? We often compare ourselves to others - whether it be the images we see online or to the people around us. This method of comparison equals a skewed means of measuring our success, beauty, and worth. The Bible offers us encouraging truths, that once accepted, will free us to love not only ourselves, but other people.