Do You See Him?


I have been reading through the Bible practically my whole life, and yet I am still amazed by the things that I read. A familiar passage all of a sudden comes to life, and the Lord unveils a fresh message to me. It’s actually kind of awesome. Let me share a recent example with you.

Just the other day, I was rereading the accounts of Jesus after His resurrection. Specifically, I was looking at the story that transpired on the road to Emmaus. Two disciples, distraught and consumed with all that had transpired, are walking along when the resurrected Jesus joins them. So caught up in the midst of their worries and concerns, they totally miss that it is Jesus Himself that is walking and talking with them.

Ok. Let’s pause for a moment. Two disciples are troubled over Jesus’ crucifixion and now His missing body. They are so fixated on their problems that they don’t even recognize that Jesus is in their midst. How is that even possible? Now before you go and pass judgment on these two, I want you to take a step back and ask yourself how many times you have done that very thing. I certainly paused and reflected on the times I have walked through difficult situations where I didn’t recognize Jesus’ presence in it. 

And for many of you right now, you too are walking in a time of deep trouble or are consumed by a heart-wrenching concern. You may feel hopeless or all alone. But, what you need to understand is that even though you can’t see Him, Jesus is right in the midst of your circumstance. He is walking with you. And He wants to be talking to you. You are not alone!

Then their eyes were opened and they recognized him. – Luke 24:31 

We, like those two disciples, are often so fixated on our trial that we completely miss the fact that Jesus is right there in the middle of it with us. Ladies, I pray that God will give you spiritual eyes so that you may see that Jesus is right beside you, ready to help.