Don't Miss the Significance of the Cross


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What a special day! What a special weekend! What a special time of year! I truly love the Easter weekend and all the family traditions that come with it. I caution you, however, amongst the busyness of this time of year not to miss the significance of it all.

Every year, my son and husband set up a wooden cross that they built several years ago from a tree in our back woods. I simply love seeing the empty cross perched on the hill in my front yard as a reminder to me and everyone who drives by that our Savior lives. However, in the midst of running around, it is easy to view putting the cross up as yet another thing to check off my list, rather than focusing on the true impact of its meaning. 

When I take a step back from the to-do list and focus on the why, I can almost hear the sound of pounding against the wooden cross. This thunderous sound resonates in my mind and spirit, bringing me right back to the cross at Golgotha nearly 2,000 years ago when they nailed Jesus to the cross. Each swing of the hammer drove a nail deeper into His wrists and feet, placing Jesus securely on the cross that would ultimately kill Him.

Although Jesus was innocent, His death was not in vain. He chose to stand in our place as an atonement for our sins in order to break the hold of sin and death over our lives. There is no greater gift given to mankind.

“He himself bore our sins” in his body on the cross, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; “by his wounds you have been healed.” – 1 Peter 2:24

So, in the busyness of this weekend, full of Easter egg hunts and other family traditions, I pray you stay fully aware of why we celebrate. Keep your thoughts focused on the one who saved us all from eternal separation from God. And remember, this is our big weekend – our time to proclaim to the world all that Jesus has done. Don’t miss an opportunity to share the cross with all those you come in contact with. There is no better time of year to share Jesus.