Finding Your Way Back


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Lately, I have had such a burden for those who have wandered from their faith. It saddens me to think about the women who once were on fire for the Lord and have slowly pulled away from Him. What troubles me even more is that there are many out there that have drifted away from God and haven’t even realized that they have done so.

Interestingly, I have rewritten this blog numerous times. I’ve been struggling because I want this message of hope to fall on the right ears. For you see, I am certain that God is calling His daughters back to fellowship with Him.

So in an effort to be anything but vague, this blog is for the woman who has chosen sin over Jesus because it is simply easier in today’s culture. This blog is for the high school girl who slept with her boyfriend, thinks she’s failed, and is continuing this pattern of promiscuity. This blog is for the woman who is living with a man who she isn’t married to because she has rationalized her sin in her heart. This blog is for the woman who has become lazy and indifferent to the things of God, and has slowly hardened her heart toward Him.

And this is why my heart is so burdened. Any one of us can fall into sin if we aren’t intentional about pursuing Him and putting a guard around our hearts and our minds. It is highly unlikely that we go to bed on fire for the Lord and then wake up the next morning with our hearts hardened toward Him. It is a slow progression caused by one poor decision followed by the next.

And once you pull away, it is very difficult to find your way back. This is true not because God doesn’t welcome you back with open arms, but simply because it requires some hard, deliberate choices that people often don’t want to make.

So how do you find your way back? Simple. The journey begins on your knees with a repentant heart. We need not only ask for forgiveness, but we need to turn completely away from the sin that so easily entangled us in the first place. This is the hard part.

God hates sin. He hates every part of it. And when we consciously choose sin, we are telling God we value it over our relationship with Him. If we want to return to fellowship with Him, we must reject the sin altogether. There is no limit to Jesus’ power to forgive no matter how “big” the sin is. But, we need to stop allowing momentary desires and instant gratification get the best of us and pursue the long course of obedience with God.

Ladies, if this message is tugging at your heart now, I ask you to take a moment to get right with God. Our time here on this earth is not guaranteed. Don’t let another moment pass you by. Pray with me:

Dear Jesus,

I come before you with a remorseful heart. I have made some choices that have pulled me away from you, and I want to make things right. Please forgive me for my sinful behavior, my complacency, and my indifference to you. I thank you for your sacrifice on the cross that washes away my mistakes. I ask for Holy Spirit power to turn from these sinful ways. Let me live the life you called me to live. I love you with all my heart. In Jesus' name, amen.