The Battle of the Scale (by Guest Blogger Shila Anderson)


The scale isn’t too nice to me today. I try to rationalize the number staring back at me. Did I have too many sweets? Were my portions out of control? Or just maybe it’s my body’s natural tendency to store the fat during the cold, frigid temperatures? I know as I step off the scale that I have a choice to make today. Is this number going to dictate my worth? Is it going to affect my mood and everyone that comes in contact with me? Or am I going to look past this number and know this number does not define who I am?

I’ve made the wrong choice in the past, too many times to count. My days were filled with bitterness, self-loathing, and insecurity. I would search all day for someone, anyone, to tell me I looked beautiful. I would hunger for attention. I’d try to gain approval by what people thought about how I looked. Anything to make up for that awful number that stared at me from the scale.

“How can you believe if you accept praise from one another, yet make no effort to obtain the praise that comes from the only God?” – John 5:44

Other days, I would just throw in the towel. What’s the point of all this eating healthy and exercising if it’s just not working? Maybe I’m just meant to be heavy. I would spend the day pigging out and filling my body with food that never really satisfied my soul.

Neither of these choices worked in my favor. They always left me empty. I was focusing on me, me, me. I was still making that silly number on the scale my idol for that day – the thing I thought about ALL DAY LONG. The scale would win.

Today, I’m going to make a different choice. I’m not going to let that number define me. I will continue on the healthy journey that God has set before me, I won’t give that up. But mainly, I will focus on who I am, not what the scale says I am. Today, I will feed myself with God’s Word, not chocolate. I will read my Bible, read my devotionals, and have good prayer time that isn’t focused on me. What does God want me to do today for His glory? It’s amazing how much more can I do for God when I’m not focused on myself?

Ladies, if you have ever gotten yourself into a battle with the scale, take this vow with me - I WILL win the battle of the scale, because I’m not going to let it define who I am. I am a child of the most high God. I am a princess. I have worth. I am loved. I am wonderfully made!

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” – Psalm 139:4

(Thank you Shila, for this wonderful word. I know many women can relate to this battle.)